Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I am sorry it took so long. I am on vacation with the family and it just hit me that I never picked a winner. Here is who won my Ultimate Letter of the Week pack!
Congratulations Jessie V. I am going to email you the pack shortly. As an I am sorry for making everyone wait for the results this pack will be on sale for Wednesday and Thursday of this week. If you didn't win then go grab it on discount. TPT or TN.

I am off to bed.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Letter of the Week Bundle and a Giveaway

Ever since I was asked to move to kindergarten from second grade I have been busy blog stalking, pinning, wishlisting (not a word but it should be), and creating. I have been working away on creating Letter of the Week packs for all 26 letters. I am finally done with all the packs and have bundled the letters in different ways. I first bundled them in packs of 6 letters and I just bundled all the letters into on giant pack. It was a labor of love.
I thought I would share what is in each letter pack. Each pack has the same sheets. I did this because I wanted my students to work towards being able to do these sheets completely independently.
 Each pack has a cover sheet. This is so that all the following sheets can be made into a booklet.

Then each letter has a sheet for students the practice tracing each letter both capital and lowercase. Then they practice writing each letter both capital and lowercase.

There are two different find and color sheets. There is one where students will use dotters. I believe they are really called dobbers. Then they count how many capital and lowercase and record that number. The second sheet students color using crayons or colored pencils both uppercase and lowercase and then graph how many they find.

There are two different cut and sort sheets. One is sorting capital and lowercase. The other is sorting the letter and not the letter.
There are two write and draw sheets. One is simply writing a word that starts with that weeks letter and drawing a picture. The second sheet takes it up a level and now they write a word, draw a picture and use the word in a sentence.
This sheet has students color the pictures that start with the letter. There are 4 pictures that should be colored.
This sheet has students color the path to get from the top picture to the bottom picture. They color both capital and lowercase of that week's letter.

The last two pages are used to create a hat. Students will color the pictures, trace the words, trace the letters, and practice writing the letters. They pieces should be cut out and glued on to a sentence strip or strips of construction paper. Then the strips are stapled together to for a hat for students to wear.

If you would like to see an example please download the letter A pack it is a freebie in both my TPT store and my TN store. Click the store name to download. If you download the freebie please leave feedback.

Finally, I want to giveaway one copy of my Ultimate Letter of the Week Bundles away. Enter using rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A move, A Bundle and A Freebie

I can't believe it is summer already. I feel like I blinked and the school year was over. This year was full of changing classrooms, a new reading series, and life after having a baby. I loved my class this year. They were talkative but they were wonderful students who worked hard and gave lots of hugs. I was looking forward to a summer where I didn't have to move rooms, learn a new series and get to relax with my cutie pie daughter. Those dreams were crushed when I was asked to move to Kindergarten. I am excited to teach kindergarten but that means my relaxing summer is now filled with pinterest, blog stalking, product creating, professional developments and new curriculum.

I have dived right into the product creating and have started making Letter of the Week Packs. I have created letters A to G. They are posted in both of my stores. I have bundled these first letters into a giant pack.

Here are some of the pages that are included in each pack. I created each pack to follow the same format. This was so that students would be able to work towards independence with their letter booklets.

Click HERE to grab the A pack for free.  Please leave feedback if you grab the freebie.
Click HERE to grab the bundle of letters B to G.

If you made it to this part of the post please go to my FACEBOOK page  and enter my Pin It to Win It giveaway. Pin my new bundle from either my TPT store of my TN store and leave your link to the pin on my Facebook page post about the giveaway. I will pick ONE winner tonight at 9pm.