Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sample Saturday

I have decided to start a new blog series. I am going to blog about a different sample pack I have in my store the first Saturday of every month. My sample packs are a freebie to allow potential buyers to see what they will get in a larger bundle. My hopes are that other blogger teachers will link up as well.

This month's sample pack comes from my new Interactive Notebook Sight Words pack. I created this pack because I am reworking how my center time works in my classroom this year. One of the rotations my kinders will go to is a sight word practice. This is will be one of MANY activites will use during this rotation.

Here is a closer look at the different activities that are included in this pack.  These pages are the exact ones you will receive in the sample pack.

These activities are a sort and then practicing writing the words. For the SORT IT students will color each word a different color and then they will cut out the pieces and glue them under the correct flap.

For the TRACE AND WRITE students will first students will trace each word and then practice writing it.

For the TEAR AND WRITE activity students will tear small pieces of colored paper and glue them on the inside of each word. They will also practice writing each word.

 For the CIRCLE,COUNT,and GRAPH activity students will circle each weekly word using blue and red crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Then they will count up each word and graph it at the bottom of the page.

CUT AND MAKE activity has students cut out letters and glue them in the correct order to make the words correctly. Then the students will write the word on the line. Each page has rectangles and squares showing how many times the students should make each word.

ROLL and COLOR: Students will roll a die and then color color one section by using the code. Students will keep rolling the die until all the parts are colored in. It is okay if they don't use a color or use the same color more than once. For longer words the letters are not divided up into sections.

 The TRACE, READ, and WRITE activity has students tracing sentences. Students will then read the sentence they traced. Next students will use the blank lines provided to write the sentence. They will cut out their sentence and glue it under the correct flap.

The last activity is  WRITE a SENTENCE. Students will use the weekly words to write a sentence. They will write three sentences. Students will use the lines provided to write their sentences and then glue them under the flaps. For students who can not write a sentence they can either practice writing the weekly words or copy pre-written sentences.

I hope you enjoy this sample pack. If you want to download this sample please click the picture.


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