Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sample Saturday

I have decided to start a new blog series. I am going to blog about a different sample pack I have in my store the first Saturday of every month. My sample packs are a freebie to allow potential buyers to see what they will get in a larger bundle. My hopes are that other blogger teachers will link up as well.

This month's sample pack comes from my new Interactive Notebook Sight Words pack. I created this pack because I am reworking how my center time works in my classroom this year. One of the rotations my kinders will go to is a sight word practice. This is will be one of MANY activites will use during this rotation.

Here is a closer look at the different activities that are included in this pack.  These pages are the exact ones you will receive in the sample pack.

These activities are a sort and then practicing writing the words. For the SORT IT students will color each word a different color and then they will cut out the pieces and glue them under the correct flap.

For the TRACE AND WRITE students will first students will trace each word and then practice writing it.

For the TEAR AND WRITE activity students will tear small pieces of colored paper and glue them on the inside of each word. They will also practice writing each word.

 For the CIRCLE,COUNT,and GRAPH activity students will circle each weekly word using blue and red crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Then they will count up each word and graph it at the bottom of the page.

CUT AND MAKE activity has students cut out letters and glue them in the correct order to make the words correctly. Then the students will write the word on the line. Each page has rectangles and squares showing how many times the students should make each word.

ROLL and COLOR: Students will roll a die and then color color one section by using the code. Students will keep rolling the die until all the parts are colored in. It is okay if they don't use a color or use the same color more than once. For longer words the letters are not divided up into sections.

 The TRACE, READ, and WRITE activity has students tracing sentences. Students will then read the sentence they traced. Next students will use the blank lines provided to write the sentence. They will cut out their sentence and glue it under the correct flap.

The last activity is  WRITE a SENTENCE. Students will use the weekly words to write a sentence. They will write three sentences. Students will use the lines provided to write their sentences and then glue them under the flaps. For students who can not write a sentence they can either practice writing the weekly words or copy pre-written sentences.

I hope you enjoy this sample pack. If you want to download this sample please click the picture.


If you want to win a copy of the FULL PACK head over to my FACEBOOK page for a chance to win.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I started my journey on Teachers Pay Teachers to create resources for my classroom and make them available to teachers across the United States. Over the last three years I have had the pleasure of supplying resources for teachers and enhancing my own students learning. Here are my Dreams for my TPT journey.

1. Build friendships with other teachers across the nation. I have already met some wonderful teachers who have helped me on this crazy ride. I hope to create long lasting real life friendships with like minded people who will continue to inspire me and make me a better teacher.

2. Help pay off debt. I would love to have extra money that can help pay down credit card debt, car debt and even help with the house loan. Being a teacher who has a husband who works for himself in an industry where its either feast or famine having a steady income from TPT would help with those famine times.

3. Take family vacations. I would love to be able to take a vacation every other year as a family. Right now we go to my Dad's for Thanksgiving and well that really isn't a vacation. I want to go somewhere that doesn't involve staying with family and just being able to relax and have our own agenda. I hope TPT will help with that.

My dreams are not crazy and they are all attainable (well I hope they are). I don't need to make millions just some extra padding in those times where my husbands business is not producing as much income.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Made it Monday and Makeover Madness

This is my first time linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. I am very excited because it seemed like I just never got to it last year but I am going to make it happen this summer.

For this Monday Made It I am going to share my word wall words. I got this idea from Kinder Craze. I can not take any sort of credit for this AMAZING idea. I am just showing what mine look like. I hated my word wall last year and I know hate is a strong word so that should tell you something. Here are the supplies that are needed to complete this Monday Made It.

1. Labels (2in X 4in)
2. Cardstock
3. Laminating pouches (if you are laminating at home)
4. KinderCraze sight word freebie.

These were super easy to make. All I did was type up the sight words I need on the template that I downloaded from the Avery website. Then I printed those words onto the labels.

To prep the cardstock I measured out cards that were 3inches by 5inches. This took FOREVER because I don't have a paper cutter at home. After I measured out all the boxes I need I stuck one label on each box.

Then I sent each sheet of cardstock through the laminator. Here is a picture.

After all the sheets were laminated I cut each card out. Now they are ready to be placed on the word wall when school starts back.

Here is the finished pile of words that are now ready for my classroom next year. I am very excited to have these.

For the second part of this post I am showing off my product makeovers I did last week. These two products needed a MAJOR makeover. I created them way back when I started creating products and they are embarrassing. I hope you like the updated look and the additional pages added to each pack.

To celebrate my first week of the TPT Seller Challenge I am going to giveaway one copy of each of these packs. Here are the links so you can check them out. Enter below.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Plan With Me

Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping up with Mrs. Harris are hosting this great linky. You get a peek into how teachers plan over the summer. For this weeks post I am going to let you see how I keep track of blog posts, linkies, and giveaways.

I want to start off by saying that I am not the definition of organization. I do have a basic plan and try to stick with that plan as the week unfolds. I have a toddler so my week NEVER unfolds as I plan it to.

I started off by writing out daily plans ( I mean goals) on my weekly calendar notepad from Creative Paper Collection. This notepad came with a second one and it took a lot for me to even write on it because it is just way to beautiful to look at. Here is what it looked like after I wrote on it and then wrote on it again when life happened and I need to shift some items around.

I also downloaded a free calendar set from Creative Clips. Here is what that looks like. I cross off days and write events that are going on in my personal life on here.
Now this next planner is AWESOME. I had it printed and bound today. I started filling it out tonight. here is what it looks like. You can get this planner HERE.

This planner comes with a page for each month where I can keep track of giveaways, linky parties, my monthly to do list, my stats and TPT products. (second picture)
Then you get a calendar for each month. Here I have posts listed on the day they will be posted. I also marked a giveaway I am apart of. Each day lets me keep track of blog posts, Facebook posts, and how many times I pin on Pinterest. (third picture)
The last picture shows a sketches page. This page I will use to sketch out ideas or linkies, giveaways, or products. Not pictured is a notes page.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I am going to keep myself straight this summer. Make sure you check out all the other posts.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nashville Teacher and Blogger Meet Up

I am finally getting a chance to write about my experience at the Nashville Bash. The weekend was full of fun, friends and food. I think every weekend should be filled with those things. Before I get into all the details I want to give a HUGE shout out to our presenting sponsors. Thank you GoNoodle and ESGI for helping make this a memorable weekend. There were many more companies that supplied giveaways and freebies for all the teachers who attended.
I arrived in Nashville an hour early. This is big because I never make it anywhere that early. Since it was my first time in Nashville I didn't want to explore alone so I went to Chili's for a drink to calm my nerves. When it was almost time for the meet up to start I walked next door.
The main event took place at this super cute café. If you are in Nashville you should pay them a visit at Atmalogy. They had a basement room that we had our gathering in. Now that only downfall was there was no AC and it got hot. It was a lot of fun meeting new friends and eating great food.



After we talked and ate and talked some more we had a special guest. I was SUPER excited to meet this guest. Smorgie from Kindergarten Smorgesboard came to take pictures and shake hands. I of course got a picture with Smorgie and Greg. You can't pass up that opportunity.

To finish up the main event there were A LOT of giveaways. Each person who came received a swag bag that was filled with amazing items from some great businesses. Here are all the people who donated to our weekend. Thank You just doesn't seem good enough.

Later that night we spent time at Opry Mills. I was super excited to get a chance to chat with more teachers. I can't explain the feeling I had all day being around so many fantastic teachers. It is nice to be with others who think like I do and enjoy being in the wonderful profession. You can tell how much they enjoy being a teacher by just talking to them.
I got to each dinner with these lovely ladies.
It was a wonderful day. I enjoyed myself very much. I am looking forward to the next meet up.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

TIPS to a Kindergarten Teacher


I am excited about joining Sharing Kindergarten's linky party. I just finished my first year teaching kindergarten and I could have used this linky party last summer. I will be reading all the other blogs that have linked up because I am not even close to being an expert on Kindergarten. I am going to share tips that I have picked up over the last year and I will be taking my own advice come fall.
My first tip is know what your procedures are going to be before a single student enters your classroom. Then teach and reteach those procedures every day starting the first day of school. This is something I rushed and I regretted it the whole year. I was worried about digging into lessons and curriculum but I should have been worried about building AWESOME routines. Don't be afraid to reteach procedures through out the year if they are not following them.

Make learning fun and engaging. Remember these cuties are 5 and 6. They need lots of time to explore their learning. Lots of hands on activities and even play time will keep your students engaged in your lessons and they will produce better work for you. I plan on adding more play time for my students this year, especially during those first weeks.
This is huge and is something I am working on this summer. I am digging into the standards and placing them on a year long calendar to help with my lesson plans. Teaching lessons that go along with what is already happening in their lives will allow your students to really buy into each lesson. For example if you need to teach the life cycle of pumpkins it doesn't make sense to teach that in January, it makes perfect sense to teach it in October. They are already thinking about pumpkins and will probably be going to a pumpkin patch where they can see the life cycle in action.
My last tip is enjoy what you do and let your students see that enjoyment. If your students see that you love what you are teaching then they will LOVE learning about it. Students what to know that teacher really enjoys being their with them and is excited about the lessons. Students will be more engaged if you seem to be invested in the lesson and in them.
I hope these tips are helpful. Don't forget to check out all the other blogs that have Linked Up over at Sharing Kindergarten.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Teachers are Heroes Giveaway

The past two days were busy with the Teacherspayteachers hero sale. I had planned on doing a giveaway during that time but it got too busy and I didn't have the time to set one up. I thought I would have a giveaway that Wednesday on next week.

I will be giving away my March Centers Bundle. This bundle has ELA and Math centers for kindergarten students. I will give one bundle away and then I will give one ELA pack and one Math pack away. That is three winners.

To win enter below.
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