Sunday, June 7, 2015

TIPS to a Kindergarten Teacher


I am excited about joining Sharing Kindergarten's linky party. I just finished my first year teaching kindergarten and I could have used this linky party last summer. I will be reading all the other blogs that have linked up because I am not even close to being an expert on Kindergarten. I am going to share tips that I have picked up over the last year and I will be taking my own advice come fall.
My first tip is know what your procedures are going to be before a single student enters your classroom. Then teach and reteach those procedures every day starting the first day of school. This is something I rushed and I regretted it the whole year. I was worried about digging into lessons and curriculum but I should have been worried about building AWESOME routines. Don't be afraid to reteach procedures through out the year if they are not following them.

Make learning fun and engaging. Remember these cuties are 5 and 6. They need lots of time to explore their learning. Lots of hands on activities and even play time will keep your students engaged in your lessons and they will produce better work for you. I plan on adding more play time for my students this year, especially during those first weeks.
This is huge and is something I am working on this summer. I am digging into the standards and placing them on a year long calendar to help with my lesson plans. Teaching lessons that go along with what is already happening in their lives will allow your students to really buy into each lesson. For example if you need to teach the life cycle of pumpkins it doesn't make sense to teach that in January, it makes perfect sense to teach it in October. They are already thinking about pumpkins and will probably be going to a pumpkin patch where they can see the life cycle in action.
My last tip is enjoy what you do and let your students see that enjoyment. If your students see that you love what you are teaching then they will LOVE learning about it. Students what to know that teacher really enjoys being their with them and is excited about the lessons. Students will be more engaged if you seem to be invested in the lesson and in them.
I hope these tips are helpful. Don't forget to check out all the other blogs that have Linked Up over at Sharing Kindergarten.


  1. I am SO glad you mentioned teaching units in a timely manner! When does it make sense to teach certain units, and how does my timing influence what they are learning at home? YES! I am also glad we had the same conversation yesterday!

  2. Hey girl! I nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award." You can go to my blog to see how to nominate others!