Monday, June 22, 2015

Made it Monday and Makeover Madness

This is my first time linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. I am very excited because it seemed like I just never got to it last year but I am going to make it happen this summer.

For this Monday Made It I am going to share my word wall words. I got this idea from Kinder Craze. I can not take any sort of credit for this AMAZING idea. I am just showing what mine look like. I hated my word wall last year and I know hate is a strong word so that should tell you something. Here are the supplies that are needed to complete this Monday Made It.

1. Labels (2in X 4in)
2. Cardstock
3. Laminating pouches (if you are laminating at home)
4. KinderCraze sight word freebie.

These were super easy to make. All I did was type up the sight words I need on the template that I downloaded from the Avery website. Then I printed those words onto the labels.

To prep the cardstock I measured out cards that were 3inches by 5inches. This took FOREVER because I don't have a paper cutter at home. After I measured out all the boxes I need I stuck one label on each box.

Then I sent each sheet of cardstock through the laminator. Here is a picture.

After all the sheets were laminated I cut each card out. Now they are ready to be placed on the word wall when school starts back.

Here is the finished pile of words that are now ready for my classroom next year. I am very excited to have these.

For the second part of this post I am showing off my product makeovers I did last week. These two products needed a MAJOR makeover. I created them way back when I started creating products and they are embarrassing. I hope you like the updated look and the additional pages added to each pack.

To celebrate my first week of the TPT Seller Challenge I am going to giveaway one copy of each of these packs. Here are the links so you can check them out. Enter below.

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