Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nashville Teacher and Blogger Meet Up

I am finally getting a chance to write about my experience at the Nashville Bash. The weekend was full of fun, friends and food. I think every weekend should be filled with those things. Before I get into all the details I want to give a HUGE shout out to our presenting sponsors. Thank you GoNoodle and ESGI for helping make this a memorable weekend. There were many more companies that supplied giveaways and freebies for all the teachers who attended.
I arrived in Nashville an hour early. This is big because I never make it anywhere that early. Since it was my first time in Nashville I didn't want to explore alone so I went to Chili's for a drink to calm my nerves. When it was almost time for the meet up to start I walked next door.
The main event took place at this super cute café. If you are in Nashville you should pay them a visit at Atmalogy. They had a basement room that we had our gathering in. Now that only downfall was there was no AC and it got hot. It was a lot of fun meeting new friends and eating great food.



After we talked and ate and talked some more we had a special guest. I was SUPER excited to meet this guest. Smorgie from Kindergarten Smorgesboard came to take pictures and shake hands. I of course got a picture with Smorgie and Greg. You can't pass up that opportunity.

To finish up the main event there were A LOT of giveaways. Each person who came received a swag bag that was filled with amazing items from some great businesses. Here are all the people who donated to our weekend. Thank You just doesn't seem good enough.

Later that night we spent time at Opry Mills. I was super excited to get a chance to chat with more teachers. I can't explain the feeling I had all day being around so many fantastic teachers. It is nice to be with others who think like I do and enjoy being in the wonderful profession. You can tell how much they enjoy being a teacher by just talking to them.
I got to each dinner with these lovely ladies.
It was a wonderful day. I enjoyed myself very much. I am looking forward to the next meet up.

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  1. I'm in your area! Wish someone would organize a "Knoxville" or "East Tennessee" meet up! :)