Saturday, June 27, 2015

I started my journey on Teachers Pay Teachers to create resources for my classroom and make them available to teachers across the United States. Over the last three years I have had the pleasure of supplying resources for teachers and enhancing my own students learning. Here are my Dreams for my TPT journey.

1. Build friendships with other teachers across the nation. I have already met some wonderful teachers who have helped me on this crazy ride. I hope to create long lasting real life friendships with like minded people who will continue to inspire me and make me a better teacher.

2. Help pay off debt. I would love to have extra money that can help pay down credit card debt, car debt and even help with the house loan. Being a teacher who has a husband who works for himself in an industry where its either feast or famine having a steady income from TPT would help with those famine times.

3. Take family vacations. I would love to be able to take a vacation every other year as a family. Right now we go to my Dad's for Thanksgiving and well that really isn't a vacation. I want to go somewhere that doesn't involve staying with family and just being able to relax and have our own agenda. I hope TPT will help with that.

My dreams are not crazy and they are all attainable (well I hope they are). I don't need to make millions just some extra padding in those times where my husbands business is not producing as much income.

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