Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fraction Graffiti Desks

As I was looking through Pinterest for probably the 1 millionth time I came across a pin about graffiti tables. I was instantly curious what this pin was all about.  After reading blogs and talking to fellow teachers I knew I just had to do a graffiti table. I quickly whipped one up and when I say quickly I mean it only took me 90 minutes. My students LOVED it. I was so excited that they were just as excited to use the graffiti table as I was when I found the idea. After seeing how much my students enjoyed it the wheels in my head started to turn. WHY not do graffiti desks? Well.... I took this idea and made it come to life with Fraction Review Graffiti Desks. Here is what one looks like.
It is a piece of paper cut to the size of the student desk. THANK YOU to the mom who cut them all out for me. Another THANK YOU to the mom who helped me draw all the different parts. Each student received one of these papers. They were to work through each section, which reviewed all the skills we had learned during our fractions unit in math.

This is a close up of one section. They were to write a fraction for the shaded parts.
Here they had to color each fraction that was given. I also told them to color the other parts different colors. This made them look more complete and colorful.
This picture shows one of the problem solving questions that they were asked to solve. Lastly they had a place to create their own fraction problem.

My students got a kick out of completing these papers. I am pretty sure it was because they were the size of their desks.  Each student took pride in their graffiti desk and they turned out WONDERFUL!

I will UPDATE this post once I have pictures of the finished papers.


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  1. What a great idea! I can see doing this with so many different things! =)

    I love your blog! =)

    Heather's Heart