Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Math Notebooks Round Two

Last week I presented at my school district's summer conference that they had to help teachers prepare for common core. Back in April I applied to be a presenter and well I was picked but I am not sure how strict they were since there were over 600 choices to pick from. I still felt honored and well terrified. My partner and I worked all summer on our presentation and we decided we would do a fun make and take session with Math Notebooks.

We took our math series which is Pearson's Envision Math and created foldables and journal entries for each lesson in the first two units. Along with the foldables there were I can statements for each lesson, directions for each activity and a grading sheet. After hours of creating and talking about what we wanted to say and making our flipchart it was D-day. I had never been so nervous in my life. I was terrified that they would hate it or that I would say something that wasn't right. To my disbelief everyone LOVED it and were so excited to use them this year in there room. They were so happy that it was a make and take session. They all left with the whole first unit done in their notebook.

As with any good PD session we had giveaways. This was in place just in case they didn't like our session. One of my giveaways was my I CAN posters to go with every lesson from the math series. This was a huge undertaking alone. I thought I would debut these poster here on my blog.  Here are a couple of the posters that I made.

Sorry for the photos. I took it on my phone from my computer screen. These are available at both my TN and TPT store. Keep an eye out because they will be on sale SOON.

I hope everyone is having a great summer....well I guess summer is pretty much over. I started on Tuesday but students don't start until this coming Tuesday. I am almost done with my classroom and once that is done I will post some pictures.


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