Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sale

HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! I am so not a sports type of girl, so I am not sure if people actually treat super bowl Sunday like a holiday but I am!!! My poor husband has to put up with a wife is completely clueless about football and one who says things like "Why don't they buy pants that are see-through and why don't the coaches tell them to cut that long hair? The only reason I watch football in general is for the snacks and when I wasn't expecting a beautiful baby girl for the adult beverages. So for me to have a real question about football is usually far fetched.

I have decided that I am going to celebrate the Super Bowl like it is a holiday. I am taking part in the HUGE TPT super sale that is going on today. Jump on over to my store and see if there is anything that you need for the remainder of the school or get a head start on next year!!! My sale is going to have a 5th quarter and doesn't end until the end of Monday, so if you are busy being with family and eating lots of yummy snacks today, then you won't miss out on my sale!!!!

I have doubled down and have taken part in the super sale on TN as well. Same rules apply as the TPT sale. My sale on TN will not end until Monday night.

My new informative writing packs are just one item that is a must have from my store that is on sale. Also my most popular item, which is my Research pack is also on sale. The majority of my items are on sale, so go stock up on some great items!!


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