Monday, May 7, 2012

Organizing Mondays

I am back for round two of great organizing ideas I have found. I have three different ones for you today!

First I want to share an idea that I found a while back on Pinterest. I have actually made this item for my classroom and I believe I am going to make a second one for next year. This item is a great way to help keep your desk and yourself organized. It is made up of a metal file holder ( I got mine from Target), with hanging files labeled (copies, to file, to pass out, etc). I lined mine with scrapbook paper to make it look cuter! Here is the link to the post I found about it. I have posted a photo the one I based mine off and a picture of the one I made.

The one from the POST I found.

Mine from the Back

Mine from the Front

The Second item I have found is a way to organize all your files for those students who need or receive some sort of intervention. Carrie at A First Grade Teacher's Passions and Obsessions has created a great way to keep up with those students. She has created different forms. These forms are available on her blog for FREE!!!!! Go on over to her blog and get all the details. Below is a picture of how to houses all her intervention information.

Lastly is something that I will be using starting in the fall. This is a great way to keep up with extra copies and papers for students who are absent. I tend to either throw away or lose my extra copies and then I am always making more copies when I need a student to redo an assignment or if they are absent. This was found at Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

I hope you enjoyed these great ideas that I have found this week! Come back again next Monday for new ideas on how to stay organized!



  1. Cute! I love the idea of having kiddos be responsible for getting the papers they need out of the folder! Now if I only could find time to start organizing!!! :) Maybe at the beginning of next year!

  2. Awesome ideas. I personally love the idea of the folders with the leftover papers when students are absent. I often leave them on their desk, where they inevitably "fall off" or "disappear." May steal this idea for next year!

  3. I pinned that and have been wanting to do it!! Love the absent bin!


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