Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Sales, Jackpots and New computer battery OH MY!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. First my work computer died and I was lucky enough to get all the data from it! Now my home computer has decided to act up. I had to go buy a new battery and a wireless mouse. I am now back up and running both at school and at home.

This week is going to be so EXCITING. I am hosting a sale both on TPT and TN. Make sure you stop by and grab up some great items at a discount. Who doesn't love a good sale right?

With the end of school fast approaching we all should be thinking about summer break, pool visits and sleeping in. Yet, if you are anything like I am summer break isn't really a break from working. I always find myself working just has hard on school related items during the summer as I do during the school year. This summer will be no different. I have been accepted to present with a fellow teacher at our counties summer institute. I am nervous thinking about all those teachers coming and listening to me talk about Math Interactive Notebooks. I plan on blogging about this experience as it unfolds. I will also up load some of the items will be using during our presentations.

Enough about my life.....Lets talk about Jackpots. I have heard this Sunday is going be AMAZING. 100s of blogs have come together to give away items for free for ONE day and ONE day only. That day would be TOMORROW. I am going to leave a link here on my blog for you to go and get all the details from the people who are putting on this Jackpot Sunday.
Below are the links to:

Jackpot Sunday: 
My TPT Store 20% off  Sunday- Tuesday:
My TN Store Today - Friday: 


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