Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Organizing Mondays

Organizing Monday on Wednesday!
I am totally lame! I am sorry this is so late. I have been super busy helping my husband install a new patio in our back yard. I have not even had time to watch my shows this week! I have found a blog that has many great organizing ideas. I am going to talk about A Cupcake for the Teacher's ideas in this post

1. She has a great way to store and organize STICKERS. I never thought to do this but I plan on doing it for the fall. All you need is a binder and page dividers that have pockets on both sides. You can read her post to see the exact brand she uses. She uses the dividers for different months or holidays. I don't know about you but my sticker bin is a HUGE mess!


2. She uses a combination of big ziplock bags and plastic containers from the craft store to store and organize her craft patterns. She uses one box per every two months ( Sept. and Oct). She places all the pieces and a finished product for each craft in a different baggie and then places all the baggies in the bin for storing! I don't use patterns all that much but if I did I would find this idea helpful. 


3.  She color codes EVERYTHING! It seems like each group or table has a color and then they only use items that are their groups color. This is such a great idea, except I ALWAYS end up taking my students out of groups for part of the year when talking becomes a problem. I might have to use this next year if I get tables instead of desks. 

4.  Last she has a great way to keep spelling words for activities or teaching in order and easy to find. She uses small accordion file folders to hold to cards. She has each section labeled with which unit and lesson those words belong to. I like this idea but my cards would be too big.


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  1. Don't worry about being late. I love your organizing Mondays, no matter the day.
    I should start organizing my stickers. This will be on my Summer list.
    Great post!