Saturday, July 21, 2012

Its been while..... Pinterest creations!

I am back....I am slacked on my blogging. I FINALLY created some pinterest inspired items. Here they are.
Here are two signs. One is a place to pin No Name Papers. Students will be able to check this spot when they have a missing assignment. This will save me the time of talking to all the students asking which paper is there. I plan on leaving a sticky note on their desk if they have a missing paper, those students will then go check the board, find theirs, and then write their name on it and re hand it in. 

The second one is where students will pin notes that they have for me. Last year I had a HORRIBLE system. This year I hope this is better. Students will look through their binders each morning and if they have any of the following they will pin it to the board: Notes from parents, transportation changes, lunch money or field trip slips. This will make it easier for me to find them instead of me looking on my desk where notes would get buried sometimes. Once I remove the ones that need to be passed along to someone else then other can remain hanging and I will know where they are at all times. 

These are my new How I Get Home items. Last year I had the standard poster that was laminated and then I would write on it with sharpie. Well when changes would happen I would have to cross the name out and then rewrite it where it belonged. This way should be easier to change. I will place each students name on a clip and then clip it to the ribbon. Students will be able to change their clip if they are going home a different way for a day or so. This will also make it easier if a student moves during the year. 
I am getting so excited about getting into my classroom and getting it ready. It is like the weekend before Christmas right now. The days seem to drag. Monday is THE day.....First day I can get into my classroom and start getting it set up. This year is more exciting because I moved to a new classroom at the end of the year last year so my room is a blank slate ready for me to do wonders with. I plan on documenting my journey on here so stay tuned for LOTS of before and after pictures.   Photobucket


  1. Oh my goodness, your creations are wonderful. I love all of your signs & transportation ribbons. I look forward to seeing pictures of your classroom as you get in there & set up!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. LOVE your boards! I am really starting to like black backgrounds with color. They look amazing!!

    I am your newest follower. Connected with you through the blog hop :)
    One Class, One Sound

  3. LOVE these! I need to add these to my "to-do" list! I am your newest follower...just found your blog and am loving it!

    Teaching Maddeness