Monday, July 9, 2012

Math Notebooks!

I am presenting at my school systems summer professional development conference. I will be talking about how to use math notebooks with the math series we use. I am pretty sure I had lost my mind when I applied to present. I really didn't think that they would ask me to present but here I am getting ready for the big day. I am a nervous wreck thinking about having to talk in front of all those teachers!!!!! My presenting partner and I have been working hard on all our foldables and activities that we are going to present and send home with those teachers who come to our presentation. I am done with the first unit and I thought I would share it on here and get some HONEST (but not too mean feedback). Here are some pictures of what the notebook would look like. At the end is the first entire unit worth of foldables for FREE. Just download browse through it and then give me some feedback. I need to know if I need to make any changes before the end of July.

Don't worry when you print your tree will be green and brown..I was running low on color ink!

CLICK HERE for your own copy of this 35 page item for FREE....Enjoy.
Oh yeah we use Envision Math Series



  1. I love this. I'll be teaching first next year and I can see using some of this with them. We use Envision too. I'm just a county over from you.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  2. We used Envision for a few years, but this year we will switch to Investigations. I like that you are getting your students writing. I'm thinking of having students generate their own problems (Investigations has a strong problem-solving focus.).

    Psyched to be in 2nd!

  3. Hi there,
    I so loved this that I went and downloaded the pages but lost them (I feel so old). I think they were zipped and I must not have something to open them. Is there another way to get them or at least find them on the computer? I was so looking forward to having them as I teach students who are challenged. Thanks in advance...Debra